Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's With 24?

"It is a brilliant idea" I thought when I first saw "24"... I watched it with excitement... Everything was happening in 24 hours with suspense and action... I watched all season with very big interest... Well, for the -I think- 6th season have you realized the plot is the same as in the first one.... Here are some headlines that every season has:
1- Jack is the only person who can save the U.S.
2- Yet CTU arrests Jack but Jack manages to flee and does whatever it takes to save the country.
3- There is several nuclear bombs which one of them always explodes.
4- The U.S.'s security is in CTU's hands. There is no other intelligence agency that can help them.
5- However CTU has only 6 personnel.
6- Some of these people at CTU are having an affair.
7- Even though whole country's safety depend on those people, they act foolishly and makes decisions depending on their emotional influences..
8- There is always one person, a treater at CTU. (Shockingly - It is the biggest and the most important intelligence agency in the US however, it cannot even have enough information about its own personnel. Yet it is expected to be the saver of the country.)
9- There is some people who has plans against the president.
10- Terrorists make attack on CTU (Shockingly again - This agency cannot even defend itself.)
11- There is always someone from Jack's family in the middle of the action...

I can go on like that... The plot is the same, the action is the same, the lead actor is the same, acting is getting worse, the cast is getting smaller, the original ideas already died... And people still watches it... I am amazed!!! I quited as soon as I saw the second seasons beginning... I see some bits and pieces while I am zapping... I am bored even when I am zapping through... Thank god I don't watch it!

Hehhe.. A funny anecdote... One of my friend who has watched every and each season said that he is going to put a post-it over his TV to remind him not to watch 24 next season.

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