Monday, March 19, 2007

Mojito - My latest favorite drink

Bacardi Mojito:

Cuban Mojito Recipe (
the original authentic recipe from Havana Cuba1 teaspoon powdered sugarJuice from 1 lime (2 ounces)4 mint leaves... 1 sprig of mint Havana Club white Rum (2 ounces)2 ounces club sodaThere are countless recipes for the Mojito (prounced moh-HEE-toh), but this version is for the one Hemingway himself enjoyed at the Mojito's place of birth: La Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba. If you are throwing a Cuban theme party (Havana night themed party), plan on serving mojitos.

Another Recipe from (
3 fresh mint sprigs, 2 tsp sugar, 3 tbsp fresh lime juice, 1 1/2 oz light rum, club soda.... In a tall thin glass, crush part of the mint with a fork to coat the inside. Add the sugar and lime juice and stir thoroughly. Top with ice. Add rum and mix. Top off with *chilled* club soda (or seltzer). Add a lemon slice and the remaining mint, and serve.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Perry Mason

I finished a Perry Mason story in one night... The other night, I couldn't sleep and took an old book from the bookshelf... Demure Defendant by Erle Stanley Gardner... If you know Gardner you know that I didn't put the book down until I read the last sentence... There is always action, there is always tension, there is always something to keep your mind busy, there is always something to be curious about... From the first page through the end, it never slows down... It is just clever...

I don't understand why some books are having such problem to get to the point... Those authors are bitting around the bushes a lot... I am a book worm - well, I was- until recently... I am trying to read a book for a month now and I am not sure if I can make it to the end... There are three books on my nightstand that are waiting for me to finish... One of those is sitting there for almost four months... I am trying, I am... However, I don't think I am going to make it... I know that if a book couldn't have my attention in first 10-20 pages, then I am lost... It is the same thing for a movie, too...

I really admire my friends who can insist on a bad movie or a book through the end... I tried... I tried... I am not a quitter... But sorry, I don't have time to spend on something that I am not going to enjoy or learn from... Hey, at least I tried... It just meant not to be, I guess...