Friday, February 9, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

I was shocked to my very core when I first heard about the death of Anna Nicole Smith... It is not because everything happened in a short period of time or ... She was so young... I still can't believe she is dead because of natural causes ... I was surprised to hear when her son is dead, too... Don't you think it is so weird that two very young human being died in the same family one after the other?..

Yes, I know they were using drugs. I know she was doing this for a long long time... Yes, someone can disagree with my thoughts. Someone can say that she was doing it for a long time and her body just collapsed as a result of the accumulation of those drug's side effects and the devistation of her son's death.... But, if this is the case then how anyone can explain her son Daniel's death... Was he using drugs as long as she was? Were each of them overdosed? So, they just couldn't know how much drugs they should take that they were using for a long time... I don't think so... Let's say Daniel decided to commit suicide while he was visiting his mother in the hospital for a happy event... Then why would Anna Nicole do it? She just had a baby... So on...

As you see I can go on with these kind of questions and I can find another question for any explanation... I think there is too many questions about her and his son's death... I am suspicious that both of them maybe killed... Who did it? I have a conspiracy theory for that... But, I just don't want to accuse someone without any proof... I hope police would digg this indicent more... Is there anyone who can say that I have a sick mind and am hallucinating about this... Am I being paranoiac again? Or is the anyone who think what I think?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Be Aware, Not Be Used

I am, of course, supporting all the non-profit organizations that fights against global warming, aids or works to help kids but I don't like their approach sometimes... I feel like some of these communities are working for a good purpose, but at the same time, they are promoting some commercial organizations... What is the point?... So, I'd say be aware... Are we trying to support an action for a good deed or are we just being used?... Is it all about politics or promoting some businesses?..

Think about it... Do not just join to the herd...

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

HGTV and Food Channel

If there was a travel channel on my cable that would be in the headline, too... We are using the basic cable... It's because I love to watch movies, sitcoms and all those channels which broadcast shows that I can learn something new or interesting... Do you still ask 'why'?.. I wouldn't be able to leave home at anytime... I don't want to be a couch potato... Plus this city (NYC) is the wrong one for the people who don't want to be social., or live a social life... So, I keep it simple and go to a theatre or rent a movie when I want to...