Friday, January 26, 2007

Something We Were Thrilled To Attend By Chance

This website (you can find the link at the end of this write-up) represents an incredible and amazing alumni netwok... They are people who lived in Ankara, Turkey, mostly they were in their teen ages, as a result of their parents official assignments in Turkey... They are gattering every year to remember those years in Ankara which was a small town at the time even though it is the capital of Turkey... Even though living in Ankara in those years sounds like not a big deal for me, it was for them... I've never seen people who talk enthusiastically as they do about a country... They simply love Turks, Turkey, Ankara and everything about Turkey... They were happy to see and talk someone from Turkey... They were asking lots of questions, "what happened to this to that", just to get to know nowadays Turkey and Ankara... Most of them said that they went back to see Ankara and other parts of Turkey...

Well, we were there on behalf of But they embraced us as if we were their old pals... I was a bit in a shock to see all those people in the middle of the U.S. (Dallas, TX) talking about their times in Turkey, but Cem was already enjoying them... Of course, I joined them after all... It is something that I will always remember...

And look whose names are at the end of the list... :) (Cem recently find out about this page...)

Update: I am so pleased to see that our interaction is continuing... Lyn Viles, who is the person that gave us a chance to meet herself and all those wonderful people, and who is the person I forgot to thank in my first blog, find my blog and write about it on their website, Lyn, we love all of you... Once again thank you soooo much for having us... :)

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