Friday, August 1, 2008

Have you ever seen a baby pigeon ?

This little ugly but cute bird is a baby pigeon that one of my friends, Angie, saved from the janitor who wanted to sweep it to the garbage... Unfortunately, without a mother the poor thing could only live for a couple of days... We all know about "The Ugly Duckling" but not about "The Ugly Pigeoning". Pigeons are so cute and beautiful; I couldn't believe how they would look like when new born.

Then, I was more surprised when I heard that nobody wants to rescue pigeons and they are called "flying rats" in the US. In NY, I honestly was thinking when I saw the signs say "don't feed pigeons" that the remaining food might attract and add to rat population. In my home country, Turkey, we even nurture them with seeds and with the food we are having if they come along around us.

Anyway, while trying to save this baby bird, I learned that pigeons might be very harmful though causing potential bird-aircraft collisions, and through their droppings which result spreading diseases to people and livestock, defacing and accelerating the deterioration of buildings. I am still confused though why we, Turks, weren’t bothered or harmed by pigeons but Americans. Are they different types of pigeons? Maybe?! Does anyone know the difference?

By the way, while we were trying to find a place to hand over this bird, I have encountered some people's blog on the web that they hunt these little birds and eat them for just pleasure. Which I’ve found it sick, because “I don’t like killing for pleasure” – I throwback to Ice Age.

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