Thursday, February 15, 2007

Social Life in New York

I am still not sure if New York is a social city... Sure, people are friendly... Sure, you can have a quick yet detailed conversation with the person who sits right beside you in a coffee house or train (But, that's it. No connections)... Sure, people are in the streets in any time of the day and night thanks to subway... Sure, there are tons of events that you can participate, parties you can have fun, dance, drink etc... No problem so far, right?... Then listen to this... What is it that makes every single person alone in this city?.. Why is everyone talking about being unhappy and alone? Why is everyone going to a coffee place, sitting behind their laptop screens and looking for someone on dating websites?.. Aren't they have a sofa and coffee at home? Of course they do... And we all know that they are out because they want company... Isn't this so ironic !?!?

Hey, leave your laptops at home and talk to each other... And try to accept people as who they are... Being aware of that money, job, or laptops don't bring you happiness is a plus... Let's face that... So we can make a progress (I am not a psychologist, just trying to help by 'making a point without making an enemy-Isaac Newton')... One more by him "We build too many walls and not enough bridges."

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