Friday, April 6, 2007

The Departed and Casino Royale

I couldn't have a chance to watch them in a movie theatre; Casino Royale and The Departed... I just watch the second one... Wow!.. These two movies both blew my mind away... I wasn't enjoying recent movies, because they all look alike... There is no new idea, no difference...

I have to agree with "Bond is back" reviews... Bond is Bond, you know him. ;-)... I am not going to say more about Casino Royale, just the fact that it is my favorite 007 movie now... A little secret: I was very dissappointed when I heard that Daniel Craig is going to be the new 'Bond'... Silly me!!! He is soooo good...

And The Departed had me with the ending... It is awesome, especially the cast, as you all know... Jack Nicholson is the same but cool as always... Matt Damon - I love him with the Bourne Supremacy series... Isn't he so cute?.. I am not a big fan of DiCaprio... But, his performance was great in this movie... Well, you just want them both win at the end... But... Scorsese has a word to say... (Well, he left some question marks about some incidents, but it is not ruining the movie that much.)

I am very surprised that DiCaprio wasn't even nominated for his performance in this movie. I couldn't watch Blood Diamond yet but I think he was great in this one.
Enjoy... (If you don't like violence in movies, do NOT watch this. It is kind of a quasi-Tarantino movie.)

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Yen said...

Oh, I loved The Departed! It was much better than I expected. I need to get Casino Royale watched. I haven't found the time.

By the way, I highly recommend Children of Men if you're in need of watching something "new".